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Import currency exchange rates

According to docs it's possible to import currency exchange rates instead of having to do it manually every day. I was just reading this post about how to do that. Unfortunately, the post says there's an attachment and I can't see it anywhere. Does anybody know how to get those files or how to import currency rates by other means?

Thanks Patrick for answering!! However, I'm starting to think I'm going blind. Where would those attachments be? It's happened to me before on xTupel forums, where only certain users can see files

Hi - I just imported currency rates from 1/1/2014 to 6/28/2016 using the CSVImport tool. I am attaching my csv file (which I created from an Excel file with the 4 necessary columns) and a copy of my import map (the xml file) if you want to import the map. My company is Canadian so the currency I am importing is USD. If you are entering rates every day, it is probably easier to do it manually unless someone has written an efficient script for it. Hope it helps.

Has anyone written something to pull these rates from Yahoo Finance or another web service?

Hmm - maybe I forgot to upload them! Here they are.

Hi folks,

In answer to Greg's question earlier, we do also offer an inexpensive package that pulls exchange rates from the OpenExchangeRates.org service.  We use it ourselves internally here.  You can see more at https://www.xtuple.org/product/currency-exchange-rate-interface.


Thanks Patrick!! That's just what I needed!!

The schedule button will indeed run something later, however when viewing the xTuple Connect console (under system, if you have access to it) you have the optjon to make the job recurring, click reschedule with the job you want selected. In the upcoming version 3.8.0 we added support to execute shell commands on the server running the Connect client, which likely could be used to update these rates but currently the integration requires clicking the button to get the current rates from Open Exchange Rates. 

Regarding the validity, you could just set the days to a large number and when you decide to update it you would have to just edit the end date to the actual end date. If there is no valid exchange rate and you are trying to post a transaction the application will error out, not let undefined behavior happen. As of version 4.9.0 the application checks for valid exchange rates when you sign in, and will warn if one isn't found. 



That looks really good. Thank you for suggesting it. Are there any screenshots to see how it would work?

Thanks, yes, just added a screenshot from the user manual that comes with the package.  It's pretty basic, but it works great!

Thanks, Ned.  It really just needs to run on a regular basis (once per 24h for us).  Probably an unrelated question as I'm just learning here, but how does one schedule recurring actions?  The "Schedule" button I see in many places doesn't really correspond to a scheduler, at least to me - more like a "Run later" function.


And for us, validity should always extend until an update supercedes it.  Otherwise it's hard to imagine what happens to the exchange rate - does it become "undefined"?

Hi, Ned -
I’ve been trying to find out more about this topic. Unfortunately, the link you’ve attached seems expired. Is there a current resources out there that explains this feature in detail?