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How to upgrade from 495 to 602?

I was able to get into our downloads area for 6.0.2 and we downloaded and updated the MAC clients, but how do I upgrade the database from 495 to 6.0.2? I can’t find the “xtuple updater” for windows… Where is this application?


You can find the Updater on the xTuple Portal if you have access.

The link is: https://portal.xtuple.com/downloads/view/updater

Then, using the updater you will need to apply the gz package that supports your installed version of the xTuple application (Postbooks, Enterprise, Distribution or Manufacturing).

Bernard Le Jour

Also asplus has given you the answer on how to update the database. to update windows clients, the file is called “xTuple-6.0.2-g09e992958-WindowsQt5.zip” or something like that. You need to extract the zip and replace all the files from the previous version.

While you CAN simply run the 4.9.5 to 6.0.2 updater, there are actually quite a few steps beyond just running the updater. Versions 5.x and up require some prep work before updating. One of the most important steps is making sure the Countries in your system are ISO compliant. There were also a fair amount of underlying changes to the scripting tools and database schema. There are tools that help to identify the outdated tables and the deprecated toolbox objects.

Gil wrote a blog entry on how to pilot 5.0. This might be a good spot to start.

This blog entry touches on these requirements and provides links to the required tools.

I am currently upgrading one of my customers from 4.9.2 to 6.0.2.

If your database is large, I recommend that you install the updater on the server and run it from there to avoid losing connection between the client and the server over a WAN or a LAN.

From my experience, it is a very long running job, again depending on the size of the database.

For my client, it took over two and a half hours to run locally.

Also, make sure you follow the recommendations from Scott above.

Bernard Le Jour