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How to manage stock (trade accounts)

I am new to xTuple and I am very impressed on the flexibility and capacity of the product and I do not want to implement something that has already been defined to work in a particular way using the features of the product.


We have an investment account that we buy and sell "stock". We would like to know how to set the environment in order to keep track of our trades. We buy stock with our bank account and when we "sell" the stock to our bank the equivalent money of the moment goes to our bank account. Do we treat it as inventory?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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@vtapia, can you share how you proceeded with this? I have a similar opportunity coming up and I’d like to keep it all under one umbrella. Since I see no replies, I can only surmise that you came up with something creative or ended up using a different product. If you can, please share. You can contact me directly if you prefer by private message.