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Hong Kong

Any users in Hong Kong? Reason for asking: Usability.


If you are wondering about the translations,
According to https://www.xtuple.org/translate, XTuple is 88% translated into Chinese. If you have already seen this I apologize. There are community projects translating it, so the progress can vary.
I do notice on the xtuple roadmap https://xtupleuniversity.xtuple.com/library/articles/product-roadmap
“Update translations for completeness” So it seems that Xtuple is working on its translation actively.

I am more concerned about usability of the software (accounting). Also would like to touch base with some users in Hong Kong, if there are any.

Hi, Mikael -

I’m not in Hong Kong, but the accounting is rock solid. Hopefully you can connect with some other users in your area. What kind of business are you considering xTuple for?

Best regards,

Hi Pierce,

Thank you for getting back to me. I much appreciate you taking your time to read and reply.

Accounting is of course what one has to start with. Now we use SAP B1 but the maintenance has expired long ago. The hardware is getting old and therefore I plan to migrate to cloud ( probably https://www.alibabacloud.com/ namely https://www.alibabacloud.com/starter-packages/general ).

We mainly sell software (distributor) and offer a yearly maintenance contract on top of it (optional). In addition there are some other products we buy and sell; Pretty straight forward, if you ask me.

A good CRM would be useful of course.

Hope I am making sense.

Thanks again,