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Get Demo Data , Empty data


I am just new with xTuple , i am following the documentation (https://manuals.xtuple.com/prodguide/admin-guide/ch01s06s07.html) to download the databases from Github (https://github.com/xtuple/qt-client/releases) but it returns error 404 !

Any Idea from where to get these database dumps ?

Thanks in advance

Hello Husam,

We don’t distribute a free version through GitHub any more. If you are a commercial customer, you can download the software through our customer portal.

Best regards,

Hi Ned
I wonder why it is not written in documentation, you have the packages on sourceforge and the how to with broken link !

I spent hours to setup opensource version, if you are not distributing this version anymore you can just indicate it in order not to waste time

Kindly advice where to download the opensource version of xTuple ?


Apologies if I wasn’t clear. There is no longer a free open source version of xTuple, and has not been since 2019. I don’t believe we have any packages on Sourceforge any more, but we do still use GitHub to collaborate with our commercial customers and partners.

so you only have commercial version .
so it is not opensource anymore .

I am really surprised how can you do so without any clear publication !

Anyway ethically you should have clear notification, beside your .org website are also not indicating this.

i need an on-premises - where i can find the prices and the features ?