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German file for xTuple 4.0?

How is translation of german files for xTuple 4.x going on? If there is no one doing it or needs some help, I could :-)

I am working for a company in switzerland and we would like to switch to xTuple, but we are also many austrians and germans in the company.

Any interest in my/our help?


Best regards, Yann

Thanks for the offer to help with the translation files for 4.0. We are in the process of updating these files - check back by Friday and they will be available. Also, we're always interested in community participation in the translation projects - I'll email you with instructions for jumping in!

The german translation is partially not suited for Switzerland. I started a swiss german translation.

Danielle, is there a possibility to merge the existing swiss german with the german translation file?

Hello Danielle! Thank you for your reply, so I'll wait for your e-mail. 


gistmdgist: I know mostly, all german versions (germany, switzerland, austria) are the same, there are only slight differences. So I think it would be easier to finish the german-german one and then just adapt them to german-austria and german-switzerland.

Hi yannvdc

have a closer look to the german xtuple, please. Do you understand their terminology?

I appreciate very much the translation work done. But be assured, the wording is not very suitable.