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French (Canadian) translation

Greetings: Our oldest translation of the PostBooks/OpenMFG software is the French Canadian translation championed by our partner in Montreal, Bernard Le Jour. Bernard has been at work on this since OpenMFG version 1.3.2. The translation has been live in production for quite some time! When creating this translation, Bernard consciously wrote it for the Canadian market. However, French users anywhere will be sure to find it useful. If anyone in the community is interested in developing a more generic (not-Canada-specific) French translation, then Bernard's work could be a good starting point for that. His .ts file has been updated to version 2.2.1, but the content is current as of 2.1.0. Let us know if you might be interested in working to bring Bernard's translation to a wider French audience! Meanwhile, feel free to check out the attached .qm file. For more information on how to associate .qm files with PostBooks/OpenMFG, please see our localization training video: http://www.xtuple.com/demo/video_files/1000_qtling.html Regards, Pierce


I will be interested to finish the French translation.
A lot work has been done, but i would like complete it, with menu and and other translation.
I’ll need the .ts file.
Can you send me?




étant parfaitement billingue FR/EN, je me propose de participer à la traduction.

merci de m’envoyer le fichier .ts à l’adresse suivante: tmp0208@gmail.com



Hi, jeandici:

Thank you for your offer to help with the translation. As you know, we have a Canadian-French translation–and just this week started work on a French-French translation. (The French-French is based on the Canadian-French.)

Are you interested in helping with the Canadian-French or French-French? That will help us know who to put you in touch with.

Best regards,

hello again,

j’habite en suisse donc le plus simple pour moi serais de “m’attaquer” Ã la version FR-FR.



Hi everyone,

The French Canadian version is now completed for 3.7.3. If you feel that some of the translation terms are not adequate, please feel free to email me at blejour@gmail.com and recommend different solutions.


Bernard Le Jour
AS Plus Informatique Inc.