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I would like to suggest using Flatpak as the development platform for Linux. Flatpak applications will run on all Linux distros that support Flatpak. From the Flatpak web site:


Create one app bundle and distribute it to the entire Linux desktop market.
Stable platforms

Runtimes provide stable sets of dependencies that can be used by applications.
Consistent environments

Develop and test your application in an environment that’s identical to the one users have.
Control over dependencies

Dependencies that aren’t in a runtime can be bundled as part of an application. Versions of the dependencies that are used can be fixed and patched.
Easy build tools

Flatpak’s build tools are simple and easy to use, and come with a full set of documentation.
Future-proof builds

Runtimes are forward compatible, irrespective of distribution changes. Flatpak applications run on new Linux distribution versions as they are released.

Publish apps on every Linux distribution

Developers can simultaneously distribute on every Linux distribution.

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