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Error reporting on xtbatch functions

In attempting to develop custom EDI scripts utilizing the xtbatch functions, I’m finding that it is difficult to troubleshoot because errors are not reported back when a table insert does not complete properly.

Specifically, the xtbatch.submitemailtobatch function will return the next id value, but when the insert fails, there is no exception raised.

Since there is a new version of xtConnect coming, I’d like to see this added, as it will greatly aid custom development.

Check to make sure you are using autocommit in pgAdmin, or if not make sure you “COMMIT;” after you run your queries or else the row won’t be saved to the database.

That is assuming you are seeing this issue in pgAdmin, if you are seeing it in the qt-client that would be another story unless you are explicitly calling toolbox.executeBegin() without calling toolbox.executeCommit();

Thank you