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Error Posting Cash Receipt Entry

Using 6.0.3 windows client

I am trying to post a cash receipt that has been applied to an invoice

The error after posting is

The selected Cash Receipt cannot be posted, probably because the Customer’s Prepaid Account was not found.

(postCashReceipt, -7)

my araccnt has a row for all customers.

Let me say that I am having this issue with certain customers.
Other cash receipts post Ok

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you


more info…

I went into the araccnt table and added a row for a cust type.

One of the cash receipts posted for this customer, but the second failed.

what is happening is that the aropen has one cust_id and the corresponding cash receipt has a different cust id.

I am transfering the cash receipts from Oracle so my query may be off