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Error installing free demo

When I click xtuple.exe error show up

The code execution cannot proceed because Qt5Core.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem.

I reinstall so many times and have same error.


Can you provide us a bit more information? What version of Windows? What version of xTuple? When you install xTuple, is the Qt5Core.dll being installed? This should be in the same directory as the xtuple.exe file.


Window 10.

When I install the demo your only choices and window, Mac and Linux. So I chose window. So I download the file. Double click the zip and xtuple came out , double click the xtuple.exe. That’s all.


For Windows, I would extract it to a folder other than download. If it still fails to launch check your aintivirus or windows defender and make sure it’s not blocking.
Since it’s not an installed .exe, windows will prevent it until you allow.

Be sure to fully extract the files from the zip file. It’s very easy to accidentally run the exe from within the archive, which will not work.