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Error in Expense Requests package- - xtuple 4.0.3

Hello i'm user of xtuple postbooks ..

while using the updater to install the package shows that error

The following error was encountered while trying to import functions/transferitems.sql into the database:

ERROR:  function poreq.transferitems(integer, integer) does not exist
QPSQL: Unable to create query


IGNORING the above errors at user request and skipping script functions/transferitems.sql



i'm using xtuple 4.0.3

and Expense Requests package fo 4.0.x

please help

I'm getting the same, is this going to be compatible with future versions?

Somewhere along the way this statement in transferitems.sql

DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS poreq.transferitems(integer, integer);

became this

DROP FUNCTION poreq.transferitems(integer, integer) CASCADE;

I don't think it is going to work for a fresh install unless it looks like this:

DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS poreq.transferitems(integer, integer) CASCADE;


If you are up to it you could fix the sql and recreate the install package.

Otherwise you need a fix from the maintainer.







I'm seeing the same issue, same versions of software.

Any update on this?



I am getting the same error when trying to install this package. This is the 4.2.1 install of xtuple, on the manufacturing version. Help would be greatly appreciated.




Thanks for the feedback on a fix  ma23693


We are using this package live at the moment on our system and generally update it whenever we upgrade. As the scripting interface has settled down in the core now, we have not needed to adjust the code for sometime.

Submitted a new package to xTuple which should be shortly.