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Error in Expense Request Package

I just downloaded and installed the Expense Request for Non-Inventory Items (v3.8.0) from the Marketplace. When I tried to install it, I got the following error and the package failed to install.
function poreq.transferitems(integer, integer) does not exist

It turns out there is an error in transferitems.sql. The first line reads:
DROP FUNCTION poreq.transferitems(integer, integer) CASCADE;

This does not work for new installations. I had to change it to:

DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS poreq.transferitems(integer, integer) CASCADE;

I also learned that even though it has the .gz file extension, the file is actual just a tar archive and does not appear to be zipped.

Here are the steps I used to modify the file:
tar -xf extensions_ExpenseRequests.gz
cd ExpenseRequests/functions
chmod +w transferitems.sql
vi transferitems.sql
chmod -w transferitems.sql
cd …/…
tar -uf extensions_ExpenseRequests.gz ExpenseRequests/

Just found another error.

In newpohead.sql, line 44


should be


Thanks for the feedback. I have a new package for xTuple 4.0.0 and will submit it via the bug tracker.