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Electronically generated PDF's

Not sure if anyone else has have seen this issue, when I send an electronic PDF document from within xTuple it is getting clipped on the right edge. If I create a PDF using the a print function and then save it a PDF it is fine.

It almost seems like the paper size is not correct (too narrow) and it's cutting off. I was wondering what library or utility does xtuple use to create the pdf's?

Any suggestions or comments to resolve this would be greatly appreciated!

There was a bug in OpenRPT that would clip off the right edge, depending on what version of xTuple you are running you may still be hitting it. There is a simple work around though, in the report definition, instead of choosing “Letter” as the page size, set it to use custom dimensions and put in to 8.5x11" (or whatever size you’re using).


Hi David,

That was it !! Thanks for the update, btw what version did that get corrected in?

currently v4.8.1