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Electronic Invoice


I’m performing an annalysis to develop a little program or module to manage Electronic Invoice, this process will be mandatory for Mexico next year, but I know this will be for many countries so this will be a must option for any ERP system I think.

The problem as I can see, could be the regulations for each country, and in this case I’m dealing with the Méxican ones. So for this, The invoice must contain certain data That actually does not exist into the xTuple DB, as far as I know.

As an example The invoice has to contain a “FOLIO NUMBER”, this is a numeric field that will be associated to each invoice, and the Tax Authority will assign a range for this, so it will require also a “FOLIO FROM” field and “FOLIO TO” field, as well an “APPROVAL DATE” field.

This requirements may be will apply for every country and will require a change for the tables in the DB, I would like to be in touch with a Technical Person to let me know how we can deal with this, for now I’m testing some options with an external table to perform the process to create the xml file with all those requirements, and then to sign it according the regulations, but this can be done externally, the main thing is the FOLIO field that has to be linked to the INVOICE field and in the same table I Think.

I hope this topic will be interesting for some more people and to hear about others opinions.

Jorge Tellez