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Driver error message when logging in xTuple Gui Client


I'm trying to run the xTuple 3.7.4 GUI Client on a Ubuntu 13.10 X64.

I've installed the IA32 module, the logon screen launch as normal, but when we press the login button, we receive the following error message:
"A connection could not be established with the specified Database as the Proper Database Drivers have not been installed. Contact your System Administrator."
There's a screen shot of the error message attached to this post.
Any idea?
EDIT: The version  I'm trying is 3.7.4a, Linux only.

I'm answering my own post!

I was not running the xtuple script, but the xtuple.bin file directly.  

As I understand it, the script sets the path correctly so the executable file finds the right library.

Another question regarding the symlink lib32 pointing to /usr/lib32.  Is this of any utility on a X64 version?  I've recreated it pointing to the /usr/lib directory, but the GUI works either ways.




Since Ubuntu has depreciated ia32-libs and has made the move to multiarch, you might want to give it a try.

I've worked out all the dependencies to get xTuple loaded and connected on 64-bit Ubuntu without ia32-libs (using just the multiarch packages).

I wrote it up here.

I'm still kicking the tires but the more people that try/confirm my work the sooner we get the ia32-libs monkey off our backs.