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Does PostBooks support GST?


After a very long time I am coming back to latest version of PostBooks.

I have a very basic question. Does PostBooks support GST as per Indian Standard?

In India there are three types of GSTs:

  1. IGST (for exporters)
  2. CGST (for selling anywhere in India)
  3. SGST (for selling in the same state in which the company is located)

What I am looking for in GST is:
Being able to maintain all calculation and accounts of Input GST (GST paid when purchasing) and Output GST (GST collected on sales)
Generation of GST Return 1, 2 and 3
History of GST Returns filed and paid up



Without knowing the specifics of Indian GST, I would say yes xTuple has support for comprehensive GST. Taxes can be set up by Tax Zone which would support the 3 types you mentioned. There is a tax return report but I would suggest that would need customising to your specific requirements.