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Does anyone know of an app for a service company for xTuple

Does anyone know if an app for xTuple has been developed for the service industry? My customer is a laundromat equipment dealer and servicing equipment.

Here is a list of items my customer wants to accomplish.

The new software is to have a “customer service” module, which will allow us to do the following:

• Must be fully integrated with accounting software
• Track and monitor service calls
• Ability to view service calls on a calendar
• Service calls can be assigned a technician
• Full historical records of service calls, based on criteria, such as machinery, technician, customer, warranty period, etc.

Long term goals:
• Enable service techs to view/modify all service calls
• Allow sales team to view inventory and sales orders
• Allow technicians to view inventory from the field
• Allow technicians to view historical records from the field
• Warranty tracking of equipment

Which of these things can you not do with CRM and fixed assets/maintenance?

Thank for your response. I’m new to xTuple and understand that most of it if not all could be accomplished with CRM.

The thing I’m wondering if there is a way to track equipment on a customer level. Say a customer buys equipment X and Y. Now I want to go to the customer and see the equipment at a given location (could be more then one location) and then create a service ticket assigning it to a technician. Also be able to see the servicing history of X and Y if possible by serial number.