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Documentation for OpenWindow

I am having issues with a screen that opens correctly but when the user selects a record and opens the second screen it locks out all other movement on the previous screen and menus and does not let the user navigate back to the original screen until it is closed.
This was working on a MAC and WINDOWs client on 4.9.3 with the following code.
Commented out //var childwnd = toolbox.openWindow(“advancedItemSearchDetail”, mywindow, Qt.ApplicationModal, 1);
var childwnd = toolbox.openWindow(“advancedItemSearchDetail”, 0, 0, 0);

After the update to 4.10.1 The code above still works for a windows client but not a MAC client.

Any ideas on documentation for the openWindow ?



The documentation for toolbox.openWindow is here in the programmer reference guide.

  1. the name of the window to open
  2. the parent window (this helps the application know how to handle application-modal and window-modal dialog windows - those that restrict access to the rest of the application or to just the parent window while they’re open)
  3. what that modality should be - see the Qt docs for possible values
  4. what the new window should look like - see the Qt docs again

An important consideration is whether advanceItemSearchDetail was defined as a QDialog in its UI form. If so, it will probably be opened as a modal dialog regardless of the 3rd argument.

I don’t know why this would behave differently on Mac vs. Windows. It may have something to do with our underlying Qt version upgrade between our 4.9.x and 4.10.x xTuple ERP releases. If messing around with the modality and window flags doesn’t do anything helpful, please open a bug report describing what you tried and what the results were.