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using Windows 5.1 version

I am trying to override dockMytodo.js in the xdesktop schema. we have special requirements to add additional custom columns to task list.

I added my code change for the dockMytodo.js to our custom schema ww_task, to no avail.

It seems like in the initMenu script there is a include(“dockMyTodo”);

Do I override initMenu.js in my custom schema?

You cannot script over a scripted package in the same way that you script over the core application. So yes the answer is to take the entire scripted file that you want to edit/amend and save that in your custom script file with the same name. Disable the core script file and enable your custom version.

EDIT: My apologies I may have misread your question. If all you want to achieve is to add columns to the ToDo Dock you can script the addColumn() function as you would normally over a core list. However you need to increase the order of your script so that it runs after the desktop script. Unlike MetaSQL and Reports which only take metasql/report with the highest grade, all scripts of the sane name will run and if the order is the same there is no control as to which order each script is run. Increase the order of your script will cause that to run after the lower value script.

Thank you Anderson, that worked.