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Dependent Purchase Order Items

We have quite a few items we purchase where if you buy X, you have to buy Y, and Z, but the vendor does not sell it as a kit.  Is there a way to set up a "kit" for purchasing? For example, if XYZ-kit is an item, when you create a purchase order, it generates a PO for item X, item Y and item Z (which are the Bill of Materials for Item XYZ-kit).

Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide.

I’m wondering if this question was ever replied to? I have a similar request and would appreciate some guidance.
Thanks in advance,

This not exactly what you are asking, but if you create a Kit type item, create a BOM for it MRP will see demand for all the parts on the kit when you create a Sales Order.

To be more clear, say you create a Kit type item and a BOM with three items that make up the Kit.
Create a Sales Order for the Kit, run MRP and if there is no stock available for any of the items on the BOM, MRP will suggest a Purchase Order.

Larry Cartee

Thanks, Larry -
I’ll run through some test scenarios to see if this will satisfy the requirement for now.