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Demo database availability for desktop client

Just wondering:  the demo database package has not been released since version 3.8.0 and a new version used to be released with every minor version.  It is a great tool for using the out-of-box version of the software to determine if issues are related to the product itself or to customizations.  Would it be possible for that policy to be restarted so that one can get a current version of the demo database without having to load to postgres upgrades and a bunch of Updater runs?

Thanks in advance for your consideration of this request.

P.S. I apologize if this isn't the right forum for this - not sure which one of the current forum lists is the best place, but since this forum relates primarily to new releases, and this request would be related to the release policy, I figured it worked here.

For just released 4.5.1, we put up a manufacturing demo database, but no masterref. I would prefer the masterrefif we are only going to produce one or the other.

Hi, Jim:

To reach the support team, you need to file a support ticket here:


Best regards,


Thanks Pierce.  Will do.



We don't publish our mfgdemo upon release anymore, just the postbooks and masterref demos.


That said, it is easy to generate an mfgdemo from the xTuple server. From the private-extensions folder, just type

npm run-script build-basic-manufacturing-demo

and it will generate, in one step, the manufacturing demo of whatever git tag you're on.


You can use similar utilities to generate quickstart and empty databases for manufacturing, distribution, and postbooks.


Probably the best way to get an xtuple server set up with private-extensions is to follow our dev environment readme:


and then add the private-extensions repository.


The current tire-kicker Vagrant demo is postbooks only:


although we're intending on making a pre-built commercial Vagrant box soon.



Thank you for your response, Steve.  

I just spent an hour following the instructions, downloading and installing a bunch of software (Vagrant, Virtualbox, Git) that I don't otherwise need and doing a lot of command-line entries (bringing me back to my Unix roots in the 1980s) to get things running, only to find out that I can't add the private-extensions repository because it's only available to xTuple partners.  So, I can't follow the instructions any further to generate the demo database.

Please understand that I'm just a regular old customer (emphasis on "old") who has to support xTuple but also has 500 other things to do.  I just need a demo database that works with the current version of the software. I used to be able to download those and restore them to my Postgres server in a couple of minutes.  If xTuple isn't going to maintain updated demo databases like it used to, that's OK - companies have to choose where to apply their resources.  I went through the process of upgrading a fresh 3.8.0 demo to 4.4.1 yesterday because I really needed a database that didn't include any customizations - it took about 5 minutes.  I really don't have time to run through the process you outlined just to set up an environment that allows me to create a demo database, but I gave it a shot just to see what would be involved.  It's way, way overkill for what I need.

The moral for me is that the new way isn't always the best way.  I'm going to stick with the old way.

I do appreciate your sending the instructions.  They were thorough, straightforward, and up-to-date, and worked fine until I got to the part about not having access to the private-extensions repository.  Thorough and straightforward instructions aren't the norm in the industry any more, so that was a positive.





I understand completely that you've got plenty of other things to worry about in your day than trying out our new technology. In the future I hope you'll find more uses for the xTuple Server beyond the generation of mfgdemo databases, and so the investment you just put in might find some reward.

Keep in mind that as a customer you're absolutely entitled to our commercial "private-extensions" repository. You'd have to sign up for github and let us know your username.

Thanks for walking with us this far, and for your vote of confidence about our docs. As I mentioned, we're intending to soon create an easier-to-install snapshot of our server with the commercial code for non-developers, which should make that process easier.



   I sent an email to support@xtuple.com requesting access to the private-extensions area of your github.  However I haven't received any response.  Is there another email address I should be using to get access to those areas?