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Dashboards as a separate thread

I have found that some of my dashboards are better live then refreshed nightly. This causes a problem that I had expected to see but would like to not see in the future. When the initial loading of the dashboards occur, (when I start the instance of xTuple) I get a 2-3 second pause as it loads the self created dash board’s. It locks up the interface. Its a mild nuisance that I have created in order to get a live dashboard. I think it happens when this function is called loadDashboardHtml(), which is inside desktopDashboard script.

I am not entirely sure all that is involved but I believe the freeze is cause by the fact that JS is single threaded. Would there be a way to build some of this into the core C++ and have it unlocked by the xtdash extension? would that even fix the problem?

Just some thoughts. Not really important as I created the problem