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Its much easier to come to the free forums. I cant even load the issue tracker half of the time. The paid for issue tracker is almost useless because you have to catch it on the right day or you will never get to see current issues because you cant filter properly

Actually its really just Xtuple.org in general. It is a slow area that is a pain to even visit

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Stay tuned for an entirely new customer experience, one built on an improved backend. And, we have our new VP of Customer Success, Sarah Spangler, to thank for that! More on introducing Sarah, when we start to roll this all out.

P.S. I feel your pain! The xTuple.org site is nearly ready to be entirely deprecated in favor of new technology. It’s been a long time coming, and we will start the “final mile” by alleviating the issue tracking “issue” by America’s Independence Day 2019, if not before. :fireworks:

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Wow thanks for the update that is great to hear that something is coming so soon