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CSVimp - not showing schema or table in new map

Hi a newbie here trying to figure things out any help thrown my way would be appreciated.

I am trying to use CSVimp to import accounts to the general ledger.
I know it is connecting to the database but when i try to add a map it only allows me to create a name. It dos not offer any schema or table to map as per pic

against and gives the error

No Existing Table
The table . does not exist in this database. You may continue to use and edit this map but only those fields that are known will be shown

as it cant find a table no fields ar shown.

if I try to use the sample provided with CSVimp

No Existing Table
The table acct does not exist in this database. You may continue to use and edit this map but only those fields that are known will be shown

however the field mappings are as shown in the CSVimp documentation. on import

there was an errr running the Pre SQL query. Aborting transaction.
--------------------------- Error Running PreSQL query: no such table : accnt Unable to execute statement

I assume one of the problems is where CSVimpt is looking for table information but I can see no way to direct it where to look. If i try i get the error

Database Error
No query Unable to fetch row

There was a post with similar issues in 2011 who resolved the issue by dropping back to Postgresql8.something but am hoping to avoid another uninstall reinstall and surely after 7 years this should no longer be an issue.

I am hoping to avoid another uninstall/reinstall and in all honesty the time it has taken me to try and figure this out i could have manually entered them several times but I am trying to figure out how to do it so am persevering.

system details
Windows 10 Home
64 Bit

PostBooks (free) - xTuple 4.11.2 Desktop
CSVimp (0.6.2)
PostgreSQL 9.6
pgadmin 4.3
I have tried on the demo and quickstart datbases provided as test

I had been running postgresql 10.5 but downgraded to 9.6 to see if that was the issue (XTuple warned 10.5 not compatable.


Andrew, have you reviewed the tutorial at https://xtupleuniversity.xtuple.com/library/articles/tutorial-using-csvimp-import-records ?

It doesn’t sound like you are connected to the database after all - otherwise, the schema field in your screenshot would have populated with a list of available schemas, which once you selected one, would then present a list of available tables and views.

This can only be one of 3 problems.

  1. You are not connected to the database
  2. You do not have a compatible version of PostgreSQL
  3. There could be something about user privileges.

The easiest steps would be to confirm that you are connected to the database. Create a login role and make it a super user. (Both on the database and on xtuple.) Grant this user all available privileges. Then log in using the super user with all permissions. Then try again. it sounds more likely that you are not logged into the database.

Try to copy the pre-sql statement from the default map that is provided and execute that from pgadmin.

Hi Ned thanks for your reply, My assumption regarding being connected to database is that CSVimpwent past the splash screen. I had attempted to log on to a completely empty newly created db which it threw up errors at but it seems to connect using demo and QuickStart databases populated from the backup files provided. Is there a way to see if there is a connection other than it loading?
(It’s 1230 in the morning here so I should be asleep so won’t fire the computer up till tomorrow ar some stage.

Thanks for your input

Hi Caleb194

Thanks for your input as well.
Trying to figure out how to confirm I’ve connected to db apart from CSVimp loading (see reply to Ned)
As to super user my admin in pgadmin/PostgreSQL has all permissions that can be granted but will double check xTupke in the morning as those may have changed with recreating the darabases after removing PostgreSQL 10.5 so I may not have full pri elites there.

Am hoping someone can shed extra light if PostgreSQL 9.6 plays nicely or if it is necessary to drop back further.


Andrew - yes, there is definitely some sort of db connection problem. Can your PGAdmin client successfully login into the db and browse schema, tables, columns?