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using Windows 6.0.3

I am customizing the crmGroupAssign screen and looking for the id() of the screen.
Which is the group_id

The source under this class is


virtual void setGroupType(int grpType);
virtual void setId(int id);
virtual void setMode(int mode);
virtual int  id();

None of these functions are listed under the debugger screen.
Even though all the slots are listed

virtual enum SetResponse set(const ParameterList&);
virtual void sGroupEdit();
virtual void sGroupDetach();
virtual void sGroupAttach();
virtual void sFillGroupsList();
virtual void save();

It has been my experience that the public properties are always available using

mywindow, mywidget or mydialog

But none of these work for this screen

Any ideas on what I have to do?

Thank you


Emitting the id() of a screen has to be explicitly coded into the screen.

Something like

int purchaseOrder::id() const
  return _poheadid;

in the purchaseOrder.cpp code

Plus I also think it needs to be invokable in order to be accessed from a script:

Q_INVOKABLE virtual int id() const;

So I don’t think what you are looking for is possible with this particular screen.

Thanks anderson

There is a function in crmGroupAssign

int crmGroupAssign::id()
return _id;

but it is not INVOKABLE

So it seems that properties must be INVOKABLE but slots do not