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CRITICAL - xTuple unexpectally shutting down

I have tried unsuccessfully to gather information as to WHY this is happening. xTuple (4.10)just shuts down. No warning, no log, no “xtuple has stopped working and will shutdown”. Just bleep and its gone.

This has been reported most during the RECEIVING process, after Lot/Serial information is being entered. It has happened occasionally in the sales order and a few times on entering a purchase orders, however it is primarily when receiving.

Has anyone experienced this?

I have not seen what you describe. I have seen Lot or Serial items that are mis- configured, or has something like a perishable item with an incorrect date format entered. Have you checked your configs for those items? Do you have both lot and serial? are you using locations?


and what is the costing method? avg or std?

Do you have QOH-As-Of turned on? how long have you been on 4.10?
Did you pilot the update?

This is still happening. We have narrowed it down to the shut down happens when we hit PRINT for the LOT label. We have several fields on the label that are characteristics, which I believe may be the challenge. Interesting is the process is the same for other SITE’s but never shutdown.

Is the label printer using a different print driver than the other configured printers? if so, I’ve seen the xTuple client crash when a print driver with a memory leak stepped on xTuple’s memory space. Replacing that driver with a reference driver proved that xTuple client was ok. Maybe this could narrow it down a bit further?

Does the lot/serial report crash the client if you try to print it on its own from the report designer? We did run into one issue with OpenRPT that had a crash caused by oversized fields in the footer, I am not sure if you have a footer on the report but it is something to look in to: https://github.com/xtuple/openrpt/pull/80

It was fixed in xTuple 4.11.1.

A problem that we have encountered is microsoft Print to PDF will Crash Xtuple in this way quite reliably.