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Credit Card Charge Error with Authorize.net


We have process credit cards with authorize.net for years with no problem and today we are experiencing some problems for first time. The problem seems happen only when processing credit cards with MACS:

Have you guys encounter this problem? Any advice ?


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SSL issues? Lots of ugly stuff with certs today.


This is probably related to PCI compliance changes and the requirement for TLS v1.2.

Anyone running on 4.9.x or earlier is susceptible to these problems. I’ve attached a .zip file to help. The file contains an updated Windows build of curl and a desktop client extension that should be useful on every platform.

On Windows:

  • on every machine that processes credit card transactions

    • copy the attached .zip
    • cd to the xTuple client directory
    • dir xtuple.exe
    • if that returns xtuple.exe then you’re in the right place
    • unzip the attached file
  • one time:

    • unzip the attached file
    • load the usecurl.gz file into the database using the Updater
    • System > Setup > Credit Cards
    • toggle the Use curl checkbox so it’s on

On Linux and macOS, just do the “one time” steps. There is a version of curl included with most releases of these operating systems and those curls should be up to date.

usecurl.zip (1.4 MB)

Hi, Javier -

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This information was included in the latest email dated February 15th.

Authorize.Net security updates February 2018

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Hi Gil,

Thanks for the help. This solved the problem. We are still on 4.9.2


Thanks Missy! I’m subscribed but I don’t recall having read the article.

Thanks for pointing it out in any case!

And thanks for the heads-up - we added the info and blog link to the xTuple Welcome Page as a reminder! Stay tuned as we work to improve ways of sharing information like this that is critical to your success using xTuple products and services… :staff: