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Create a breeder bill of material

I am having trouble setting up breeder bill of materials. No items show up in the item selection box. I can tell the item widget to list them and select items but they never populate in the box. I thought I might be missing setup steps but the documentation doesn’t mention anything. Any idead?

You can only add Co-Product and By-Product items to a Breeder BOM, do you have any items set up as either of those?

I don’t believe so, but also I think my problem comes before that one. This should list multiple items In the Item Number box but it does not. It also wont let me set it.

I have not noticed any options to set items as Co-Products or By-products either

Ah, the confusion may stem from the fact that you can only create Breeder BOMs for Breeder type items. By Breeder, Co-Product, By-Product, I mean the item type as chosen on the item screen:


Aha you are correct. I did have a good bit of misconception there. So if I change an item from “Manufactured” to “Co-Product”, Am I still able to give this item a BOM and Manufacture it through a WO, As well as use it in the BBOM as a Co-Product?

Not quite, Co-Products and By-Products are really just artifacts of the Breeder BOM/WO process, they cannot have their own BOMs nor have work orders made directly for them. Breeder BOMs do go through a work order but by name only, it is sort of a different beast all together and does require discrete items. Once done you can consume Co-Products in your normal BOMs.

Okay, Now I am conceptually there, Is there a technical reason that “Co-Products” are not the Same as “Manufactured” Items. I feel like it may have something to do with Breeder Distribution variances. It might be nice to have the BBOM as well as create Work orders for the products, but I can see that if they are conceptually much different why that would be a problem