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"Could not find any ls records" log spam

Hi, we are seeing a strange problem. A certain error message repeats thousands of times in the postgresql logs, until the logs fill the disk. The message is:

WARNING: Could not find any ls records for the parameter(s) passed pItemlocdistId: 742607

I cannot tell if this is a bug, or a database corruption, or a user error. We don’t see any other problems, but I find this quite worrying. Has anybody seen this before or does anybody have an idea how to fix it?


If the pItemlocdistId is exactly the same for each warning message then yes, this is a bug. Can you give us more context on what you’re doing just before this problem occurs? The last few lines from the database server log before the first instance of this WARNING and all of the lines between one warning and the next would help us debug this.

In addition does it only happen under certain circumstances:

  • particular application window(s) (e.g. Issue to Shipping or Post Production)?
  • one particular item or class code or planner code?
  • receiving items into inventory vs. issuing items from inventory?
  • certain quantities of inventory?
  • some other pattern?

Any additional information you could provide would be helpful.


Hi Gil,
it happens while we put in the product serial numbers into the WO.
See picture in the following as example…

It happened with version 4.11.2, let´s see if it is improved under 4.11.3