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Clear the Create Invoice & Select For Billing Screens

Screens are accessed through the Sales desktop in 5.1.0 (AKA “Billing Approvals” and “Uninvoiced Shipments”)

We have 45 orders that show up in both of these screens. They are shipments that invoices have been created for and either paid or credited out. They’ve been building up for about four years and I’d like to clear them out. Not sure how they got there in the first place.

Creating an invoice and deleting it before posting brings them back to these screens. Creating an invoice, posting it and then voiding it does the same thing. Everything I try just brings these orders back to the screens.

Does anyone have a solution? I found one topic on this, but the advice to create an invoice and delete it doesn’t help.

The Billing Approval data you’re looking at is sort of a “pre-invoice”. As you discovered, when you cancel this Approval, it will then show in the “Uninvoiced Shipments” screen. If you are not resolving this billing, then it will remain in the uninvoiced shipments screen. You haven’t invoiced the order, so this is to be expected. In order to remove it from uninvoiced shipments, you could keep working back and recall shipping and return stock until it’s no longer a shipped order.

I feel like there is probably more to the story, like how these billings are happening.

Please let us know if we can help out.