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Chart of accounts err

I restored empty database as to test xtuple but I could not setup the chart of accounts and this is what I get:
Sun Apr 26 10:40:16 2009 ERROR: insert or update on table “accnt” violates foreign key constraint “accnt_to_curr_symbol”
DETAIL: Key (accnt_curr_id)=(-1) is not present in table “curr_symbol”.
QPSQL: Unable to create query
INSERT INTO accnt ( accnt_id, accnt_company, accnt_profit, accnt_number, accnt_sub, accnt_closedpost, accnt_forwardupdate, accnt_type, accnt_descrip, accnt_extref, accnt_comments, accnt_subaccnttype_code, accnt_curr_id ) VALUES ( 101, ‘01’, ‘01’, ‘10111’, ‘01’, FALSE, FALSE, ‘A’, ‘bac’, ‘’, ‘’, (SELECT subaccnttype_code FROM subaccnttype WHERE subaccnttype_id=-1), -1 );

please how can help me

Two points:

  1. We do not recommend starting with the empty database - it is really for advanced users who have successfully completed xTuple training.

  2. Have you defined a base currency? This is one of many initial setup actions you need to do when working with the completely empty database.

We recommend you start with either the “quickstart” database (which has many of those basic settings configured with default values), or better yet, the “demo” database, which has a full working company (with items, customers, vendors, etc.)


thank you Ned
now it is working

I want to ad new incident but I need sub catogery feild so how can I do and how can I get the total and sub total for each incident by catogery and sub catogery