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Change Receiving Site

We have a repetitive issue where the buyer fails to indicate correct site for receiving on a purchase order or the receiving site is changed after the PO is issued to the vendor but before the firs items are received.   It creates nuisance work and transactions where we have to follow through with receiving into site X as the PO originally stated but then do site transfers to location Y where the material actually exists.

Ideally we could select the receiving site dynamically at receiving and not be locked in to the PO site.

If that is not something that could be implemented easily, then simply allowing the "receiving site" on the PO to be changed prior to the first receipt on the purchase order would get us most of the way there.

What is the best way to go about trying to get this change in functionality integrated into xTuple some day?





The post was about receiving sites.   Nothing to do with the PO status.   I thought by chance that maybe you intended to say that if PO status were moved back to UNRELEASED that subsequently the receiving site could be changed while in the UNRELEASED state.    But xTuple won't let you change status back to UNRELEASED anyway (there were no receipts on the PO I tested) so that idea doesn't give us a work-around.

I also tested a new, UNRELEASED PO just to see if receiving site could be changed while still in the unreleased state.  No go.   Receiving site is read-only any point after the first save in any status from what I can tell.



I think you can change the PO from open to unreleased, if it has not been received, can change the PO an release it.

I'll try posting it as a bug report or a feature request and see if maybe there is more activity through that channel.


I'll second this request. It seems to make sense that the receiving site should remain editable until the first items are received.

I also could use this being a little more flexible