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Change Invoice Cust

Good Morning everyone

I have a very technical question about changing the cust_id of an invoice.
Now our business generates Workmen Comp medical insurance invoices for our customers.

Sometime a customer has Workmen Comp insurance has a policy that acts like a re-insurance policy.
That is , the customer covers up to the first $1000 of a claim and the re-insurance company covers the rest.

So we bill the customer and if the cost exceeds the “deductible”, the re-insurance company covers the rest.

So when we get a check for the payment, it is from the re-insurance company , not the original customer.

So I simply change the cust_id of the invoice and process the cash receipt again.

But I am importing data from our old system into xTuple and I can process these changes every nite and I reload invoices and make the necessary changes and then post the invoices.

But during the production process, this can be more challenging.

So , what steps are required to change the customer of an invoice during production?
I assume:

  1. Unpost the invoice
  2. change the customer of the invoice
  3. Re-post the invoice

Is there anything else I have to be concerned about when changing the customer of an invoice?

Thank you