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Change Default Receiving Site Name on Purchase Orders

Hello, we recently updated our xTuple database to 4.11.3. After doing so, we noticed that when we are creating a purchase order, every order will default to the correct receiving site address, but the employee name listed is someone who no longer works here anymore:

I have been searching in xTuple’s settings but can’t seem to find where this info is maintained. I also made sure the user was deactivated, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where i can change this information?

Thank you in advance!

Is he the contact on the site record?

It is under Inventory > Site. Depending on whether or not you are on a commercial edition or have multi site enabled, it with either say something like Maintain or List. If list another screen will open with your sites, edit the one in question and change the contact.

Thanks for the replies @davidbeauchamp and @PhilMcIntosh . I thought i had changed this detail, but i must have been correcting the wrong one. I corrected the referenced contact and that fixed our issue.