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Cash Receipts Over payments

I have a special issue with Cash Receipts and over payments.
Sometimes our vendor over pay the invoice amount, for whatever reason.

I realize that this over payment can be transferred to Customer Deposit.

But in our special case, a customer pays a specific invoice and we need to know what invoice was overpaid.

Eventually the customer will take notice and ask for a check or use it on another invoice.

In most cases this would be easy, but the customer cash receipts covers multiple invoices.
Since xTuple only allows you to pay up to the invoice amount; the overpaid invoice is lost when there are multiple invoices in cash receipt.

Does anyone have any suggestions to deal with this issue?

thank you


If you open the AR Open document with the context menu over to customer deposit and you can see the document number which will match the cash receipt number or on the notes, the message should say X-YYYYYY where the X represents the cash receipt funds type and the YYYYYY represents the cash receipt number.

Thank you Alfredo,

I use that code in the aropen table to find the cash receipts and associated invoices.

The issue is that our customers send a check paying multiple invoices.

Lets say:

      Amt Paid

Invoice 1 $50 $50
Invoice 2 $40 $45
Invoice 3 $30 $30

We need to know that invoice 2 was over paid
Right now I changed the A/R Open Item screen to add a new Tab called Paid which show the invoices that were paid with the cash receipt.

When there are multiple invoices, I dont know which one was over paid.

The concept of a cash receipt is an amount received that is distributed thru one or more invoices, you can’t distribute more than the amount of each invoice so there is no way to know which one was overpaid, but anyway if you get a check you have no way to know if the extra $5 was on the $50 or the $30 invoices. If the person entering the cash receipt know it, can write it on the notes but data on the cash receipt will not tell you that and in consequence the system will not add anything to the customer deposit. In my opinion the important thing is that the money remains there in customers file as a customer deposit which will not disappear and will be printed on customer statement.

Thank you Alfredo,

I understand and agree with your statement.

We resolved the issue internally.