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Cannot save an item source

hi everyone,
im a first time user. so I was creating 3 items and need to add the same source to all 3 items.
but for some reason there’s this only 1 item that cannot be save.
its saying that an item source already existed.

but no item source shows under tab “Source” on the “Item” window.
there’s no issue with the other 2 items, I created.
i did the same step with all 3, and there’s no item duplicate.
so i dont know why its saying that i cannot save just for this 1 particular item.
also why “already existed” but doesn’t show?
does anyone ever have the same problem with me? please kindly advice, thank you so so much. have a great day!

An Item Source represents the Vendor information about specific Items. As such, if you have 3 items, you will need 3 different Sources - even if they all come from the same Vendor.

The message is quite specific and says you cannot create duplicated records. You will need to ensure each Item Source is unique according to the fields in the message.

hi, thanks for your reply.
sorry I wasn’t clear enough before.
so I created 3 different items. all 3 items come from 1 same vendor.
the other 2 items has no problem. they all show this after I click save.

What are the 3 item numbers you are trying to create Sources for?

Molly - valley of the dolls collection #Molly
Xannie - valley of the dolls collection #Xannie
Mary Jane - valley of the dolls collection #Mary Jane

I suggest you look under Purchase -> Item Source -> List and see if you can see an inactive record for MARY JANE. From the information you have provided the should be no reason the duplicate check has been triggered.

like this?
but there’s no duplicate of Mary Jane

anyway it says that it already existed but doesn’t show under ‘Source’ tab nor on this list.
is there another way then? what if I make “Mary Jane” inactive and create a new item?
will it allow me to create a new “Mary Jane”? same exact item name after the 1st one become inactive?
note that this is the 1st “Mary Jane”. there’s no 2 mary jane. no duplicate.

it will be great if there’s another option.
because if there’s no item source for “Mary Jane”, our sales team cannot create a Sales order for it.

If you select More and in the pull down select Show Inactive:
and see what you have, also check contracts Purchase/Contracts and check it for inactive as well.

thk u soo much. I found it!
it was inactive… so doesn’t show. somehow the active check box is unchecked.
i make it active now. thx again. have a great day! :smile: