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Cannot load xtConnect using Updater client (no .gz file available from xTuple)

Hi all,

Have any Linux admins out there successfully managed to have the xTuple Updater client load the xtConnect extension to their installation of the ERP? I've purchased the $2k extension, but gzip'ing the following:  xtConnect-3.7.0-Linux.tar.bz2  has simply produced an error in my xTuple Updater Client that states "No package.xml or contents.xml file was found in package E:/myFileLoc/extensions-xtConnect-3.7.0-Linux.gz (see attached screen shot). Important to note here may be that I'm running the xTuple installation on an Ubuntu 12.04LTS virtual machine, while running the Updater client from my Win7 laptop. 

I dove in a little deeper to find that in prior updates I've done (a 3 part check format I bought from xTuple) did, in fact, contain the 'package.xml' file, thus I tend to think that I'm not seeing the package I should be seeing on xTuple's File downloads page. 



xTuple support was kind enough to provide the following advice to me: 

Hey Daniel I think you may have the wrong package downloaded.

xtConnect-3.7.0-Linux.tar.gz .Try the xtconnect370.gz file to apply to your database and use the



For the windows server that will run the processes.


Tom @ xTuple has (and continues to be) very prompt and helpful!

Here is his latest update for me:

"Yes it looks like you have access to the update ( 36 to 37?) but not the install. I will try to track down who is in charge of that and see if we can get it straight."