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Can I delete the workflow extension

I’m working on piloting a customers upgrade to xTuple 5.0. Gil suggested that we remove un-used reports and such while preparing our database for migration. I was wondering about removing any of the other packages we might not be using.

Specifically their xTuple Distribution Edition has the “workflow” package installed and enabled. However they don’t use it in any way. My first question is can the “workflow” package be deleted or are there dependencies I’m unaware off?

I wonder the same thing about the “xwd” package. They have it disabled but would it break anything to just delete it? Just wondering.

I also see in my db a postgres extension named “xt”. However I DON’T see a package named “xt”. It seems to have very little data in it. In looking at the table names it seems to be related to “workflow” but isn’t in the workflow package. I don’t know if that was just a strategic decision or some unintended clutter.

I’ve not encountered many problems with the 5.0 beta project yet. On my database it takes about 11 hours to run the upgrade script so I was hoping to shorten that time by elimenating any unused code.


It is safe to remove/delete the “workflow” package as it is for the “xwd” package although if you are upgrading an enterprise edition xTuple system it will expect the xwd package to be present before upgrading. That said, neither of these packages will be contributing to the extended upgrade times.

Do NOT delete the “xt” schema as it holds many essential core xTuple functions

Most of the upgrade to version 5.0 will be necessary scripts for migrating data for CRM and taxation to the new schema and is necessary for the upgrade. This is one of the reasons the release is tagged and a major version 5 upgrade, not just a point release.