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I’m a little bit confused with the recent changes. How do we access now to the Bug Tracker ?


I’ve been asking the same question.

Here is the official response I got from Sarah Spangler regarding this exact question:
Ned - Why did you kill the issue tracker before the new one was ready? Now we have no status visibility for the issues in process. It also kills our ability to search the tickets for solutions for problems.

Ned shared your response with me, and I asked if I could reach out to your personally. In short, you make a very valid point, and I apologize for this temporary inconvenience. Internally, there was a need to stage the migration to our updated customer management platform. From mapping and moving data to setting up a multitude of automated workflows, we determined the best way forward would be to have deliverables over the course of a few phases.

Over the next several weeks we’ll be hard at work developing the customer portal. My team will also be working on a process for converting closed tickets to FAQ articles that are categorized for easy searching.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to reach out to me directly if you want a personal status update on your open tickets. You can even call my cell at XXX-XXX-XXXX (I blocked out the number to be fair).

The timing of this is a bit awkward as I’ve been piloting the 5.0 upgrade and reporting and following issues as they’ve been discovered. Looking forward to seeing how the new system helps us do that more effectively.

As a support paying customer will we be able to see all open tickets or just the ones that we have reported? Before migrating to a new release level we looked at the open tickets to see if there are any open bugs that would prevent us from successfully implementing a new release or feature. Also, if we run across a bug we could search as see if it has already been reported.


I’d like to check again and see how can we report bugs and follow current bugs.


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