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BatchManager.exe 3.10.0 not accepting passwd switch

Hello folks,

On a Windows 2019 server, xtConnect 3.10.0 against an xTuple 5 database (testing):

I installed the connect-3.10.0-windows-x64-installer.exe successfully; BatchManager.exe will run if I start it from the icon.

However, To start on Windows user Login without admin intervention, the BatchManager starts from a batch file. Starting with all the usual switches, BM never appears but PG generates an error:

2022-05-20 16:23:55 CDT xtconnect testing - LOG: could not receive data from client: Connection reset by peer

I have tested combinations of command switches and I believe the “–passwd” switch will not accept any input. I have tested double-quotes, single-tics, back-quotes, variable substitution, ssh formatted db url, you name it. If I put an invalid value I get a password error in the PG log. If I leave the value out, I get a popup message that value is missing. If I leave --passwd out altogether, I’m challenged on the gui BM window for a password. If I manually type the string into the BM window it starts normally. And even if I trust all connections from my server’s IP and try to leave the password out (or --passwd switch), the problem persists. I have found no magic for automation. Help please!

Hey Mike, don’t use the installer. I think that puts the exe under program files and will not have the proper permissions.
Download the zipped client and extract to to the C drive and try that.

Update - I think the installer was OK after all. The xtConnect checkbox on the testing environment was off, and so I enabled it. And I rebooted the server batchmanager is running on. BM starts normally now. Thanks!