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Bar Code Scanners

We’re moving toward use of bar code scanners. Looking for recommendations/reviews from your experience. What all works with xTuple? We’re currently using 4.10, but planning to upgrade in the near future.

We are using Symbol LS2208 and it is working great.

Pretty much any barcode scanner will work as it is just a text input device. The barcode must match the xTuple format for the object you are scanning as the application uses a special code in the barcode to indicate what type it is and what to do with that code in the screen. This allows you to scan say an item code without first having to click on the item area of the screen.

More recent versions of xTuple have expanded the barcode symbologies that can be used.

And more excitingly we are developing an Android mobile application for inventory management that will allow warehouse staff to process transactions directly on a mobile device and is obviously heavily integrated with barcode scanning.

We also use the Symbol LS2208 which seems to work well.

I did not know that the barcodes had inserted special code to ID what to do with it and had to check for myself. Running Postbooks v.4.11.3 and printing item labels designed within Reports, the scan did not auto-place the scan in the item field on a new Sales Order, New Item screen when the cursor was in any other field than Item Number field. The item SKU populated the field where the cursor was, though. Maybe the scanner’s set options conflicted with the intended outcome…? The label design was last edited in a much earlier version of Postbooks, too. Maybe I am not understanding the way it is supposed to work, too.

If you are comfortable looking at database functions, do a search for the formatXXXXbarcode() sql functions. You can see several including ItemSite, location, lot/serial etc. Note there is a prefix in those codes. That prefix tells the xTuple screen, what type of code has been scanned and to put the results in the correct field on the open screen.

This is not a system-wide process, we have to code each relevant screen with the barcode handling, so it is most likely found in the inventory handling screens. Without looking, I cant say what barcode handling might be available in a Sales Order scree.n

@paulk ,

See our documentation for more info on using barcodes with the xTuple ERP desktop client.

As Dave Anderson said, the scanners are just text input devices. More specifically, many identify themselves as keyboards. That’s why “the item SKU populated the field where the cursor was…” — scanning the barcode is typing in that field.


LS2208 are really durable scanners, but they are no longer supported by Zebra. The new model - DS2208 is an 2D imager, and it’s also really good device for that price (brand new unit).

In my company we’re using Datalogic D432+ - we’re bought them from second hand for some silly money, and it is also an 2D imager. I’ve noticed, that Datalogic scanners are bit faster and more accurate than Zebra/Symbol.