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Bank Accounts not showing in Bank Accounts Desktop window

This was working until a day or so ago. Now, window is still there with no accounts in it. I have tried closing previous periods. Going in and out of xTuple. Removed Bank Accounts from desktop and re-added. Still just a window with nothing in it. Used in AP & AR are both checked. Anything else I can try

Hey Neal, you check the Priv’s?

Just checked, I have the View Bank Accounts privilege under Desktop and Maintain Bank Accounts under Accounting

Tom, hope you are well. Got back to this, finally! I commented out the forward update query from the bankBal metaSQL and the bank accounts show up, but the Bank Accounts window no longer docks with the Payables and Receivables windows on the Accounting desktop like they used to. The Bank Accounts just come as a floating window. Any thoughts on how to fix that? Thanks much, Neal