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Auto Release PO's?

I wanted to see if there was a way to have PO’s auto release after so many days ?
we have have so much traffic going on that is hard to keep and sometimes POs don’t get released when they need to for receiving.

thank you

Darren Gaither

I don’t believe there is a standard way of releasing on a schedule, but this would be a simple exercise using a scheduler like xtConnect.

Create a metaSQL like so:

SELECT releasePurchaseOrder(pohead_id)
FROM pohead
JOIN poitem ON poitem_pohead_id=pohead_id
WHERE poitem_status=‘U’
AND checkPOSitePrivs(pohead_id)
AND pohead_orderdate < CURRENT_DATE - 3 --the number of days to hold unreleased

And schedule that daily though xtConnect.

Hello Anderson,
Thank you for the information i really appreciate it.

Darren Gaither