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AR Discounts

using windows client 6.03

I have a strange issue with AR invoices, cash receipts and discounts

Right now, I do the following

  1. create the invoice
  2. add the cash receipt
  3. I have to post the invoice prior to applying the cash receipt. Is this correct?
  4. apply the cash receipt.
  5. At the time of the cash receipt, we MAY have a discount.

But I cannot add a discount to the posted invoice.

So my questions are

  1. Must I post an invoice prior to applying a cash receipt?
  2. is there another way of adding a discount to an invoice, if the invoice is posted?

And let me clarify something.
Our discounts are not in the original invoice.
They are created after the invoice is paid.

The reason being is that insurance companies will automatically add the discount to their payment, based on a percentage.

So if we included the discount in the original invoice, they would just add an another discount.

For example is the invoice was for $100 and the discount 10%, the discount amount would be $10
If we included the $10 discount in the invoices, they would take another 10% of $90.

So we wait until the cash receipt arrives.

Thank you