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Anybody working on the spanish translation?

Is there anybody working on the spanish translation? David Perez: are you still working on it? I need to finish the 30% and also make a latin américa version (I am from Argentina) Thanks

Hi, ssalgado:

If you look at the translation statistics page, you can see that the Spanish translation has not been very active lately:


However, I can tell you there has been a growing interest lately in xTuple ERP from people in Spanish-speaking countries. So this is a good time to get involved!

I understand your point about wanting a Spanish version for Latin America. Perhaps it would make sense in the near future to have a Spanish:Argentina project. For now, the consensus opinion has been for Spanish translators to work on completing the Spanish:Spain project so it gets to be 100%. After that we can copy that project to form the basis for other projects for other Spanish-speaking countries.

Meanwhile, I have given your user translator privileges so you can get started any time you want to. Here’s a link to a training video, which explains more about how to translate xTuple ERP:


Thanks so much for your interest in helping with this work. And happy holidays!