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Any Partners in Austrlalia?

Hi, I ma looking for some help with initial setup and training but have not been able to find a listing for partners in Australia as a whole or Sydney ideally. Is there a published list anywhere ? Thanks, Bill.

I’m sure xTuple can provide a list of suitable partners in Australia. If you are having problems finding a suitable partner, feel free to contact me. I have over 10 years of system integration and implementations, including xTuple implementations and am based just over the ditch in Auckland, N.Z.

Hi Anderson

Have you had experience importing information from MYOB?

Sydney, Australia

Hi Keith,

I have significant experience integrating data between various systems.

I’ve not specifically imported from MYOB, however MYOB can export various data elements to text files which can easily be imported into xTuple systems using the xTuple CSVImport application. The biggest issue you will face is translating the MYOB data format into the xTuple required fields. This depends heavily on how you set up and configure xTuple and understanding how you want xTuple to work in your business.

Thanks Anderson.

I working through understanding XTuple at the moment :slight_smile:

Hi Bill,

I am in Melbourne and will be happy to help.

Sajeev Arya

Hi guys

we have need to export the client, supplier and stock lists out of xtuple can anyone be able to help us with this please ??



Depends on the output file you are after.

You could run one of the many xTuple reports.

You can right click on one of the screen lists and use the Export Contents

There is an export function under System but this is more for XML

Or you could use pgAdmin and export the relevant views: customer, vendor, item