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Alternative url?

Don’t take this personally as I realize it has become ingrained in our culture, but information without context can easily become misinformation, especially if some of the context is being deliberately obscured.

The articles referred to in this discussion are evergreen (at least so far), but there are lots of cases where research will turn up contradictory info on the same subject, and having a time frame can help sort out which is the latest info.

the Anti-Marketing person:grinning:

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@malfredo32 change your browser bookmarks

Support Tickets Landing Page https://support.xtuple.com

Submit a Ticket = https://support.xtuple.com/customer

Stay tuned for a message (today maybe?) from @sspangler our new VP of Customer Success about your new Customer Portal :eyeglasses: and @wtonra posted a save-the-date in your private Partner Forum to learn more!

@PhilMcIntosh you and I ARE on the same page - promise! we are doing our best to separate the MARKETING from the PRODUCT INFO with the new site… while both “can” be evergreen, that’s not always the case. KB info is definitely time-sensitive, and if you ever see outdated info, please submit a ticket (see link above) and let us know - you can even upload a screenshot for replacement value!



I am aware of that portal but there you can only send a support request, it is not a ticket portal where you can request, follow up, keep history or manage your open support requests. Unless I have not passed thru the main door and behind the first page is there the portal. I give it a try.


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