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Alternative url?

I was looking for one of Gil’s great articles and now get an error 404 when I go to the url:

Is there a new place where I can find this article?

Jim Wirt

I experienced the same issue when I was pulling up David’s article for web services…

Hoping we won’t lose access to these great resources.


I can’t find the training videos anywhere either. We have a new employee that started Monday.

Hi Matt, Please check out the new Knowledge Base, found at https://www.xtuple.com/knowledge/

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Jim/Scott, I would recommend also checking the Knowledge Base. I don’ know about every article, but there is a Developer section:

Unfortunately, the article I was looking for is gone. I have been using specific articles for training employees. David did a great job on a “metal prices” web services demonstration using json. I managed to paraphrase it to them, it’s just easier to send them to a link.

Thanks…the new site looks great.

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The new xTuple.com went live on 9/30/2019; the old site is currently archived and one of my final projects for xTuple – before my retirement on 11/1/2019 – is to curate the content on the old site and determine what should be:
(1) repurposed and/or rewritten for the xTuple.com
(2) moved to xTuple Knowledge Base (formerly known as xTuple University) or
(3) unpublished (no longer relevant content)

The decision was made between Marketing & Ops to NOT clutter up the new site with outdated redirects that no longer reflect the company’s products or messaging. The new site is slim and trim and built for maximum user experience. Going forward the Manufacturing Brainpower Blog is all about inbound content, attracting potential new customers by sharing expertise regarding our target market’s business concerns, not about xTuple products.

Take a look around - product information, for example, is found under xTuple Solutions. It is basic information, with the intention to engage more visitors in conversations. We’ve added chat and more!

All product usage information is now on the new xTuple Knowledge Base - built using best practices of the best online resources available. For example: If you’re looking for a video, check the relevant category section first, or search “video” if you want to see them all.

Speaking of SEARCH - this works great and now gives you access across xTuple’s main site, blog and knowledge base.

For release notes, you’ll want to use: Supported Versions

For the specific links you mention re: scripting and web services, I’ll refer those to the KB content team for inclusion there (we’ll add redirects, of course!).

We’re working now on redirects to manage those pesky 404s. If - after using Search - you can’t find what you’re looking for, please use Contact Us for help.

There’s been a request for a site tour for Customers and Partners… stay tuned for more from Your Customer Success Team!

I am submitting this to the KB content team … @ptyler

submitting to KB content team @ptyler

Missy - you are not allowed to retire. We love you!

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flattery will get you everywhere :rofl:

Hi, Jim -

Yes, you can find that blog post in our new knowledge base here:

Best regards,

Hi, Scott -

Here’s a link to that web services article hosted in our new knowledge base:

Best regards,

@jim.wirt the original link you have will now redirect to the new KB link that @ptyler shared in this thread - my question to you is this: it is fairly old content; is it still relevant and accurate? Should we add to the article: “Originally published June 18, 2012"???

@szuke the original link you have will now redirect to the new KB link that @ptyler shared in this thread - my question to you is this: it is fairly old content; is it still relevant and accurate? Should we add to the article: “Originally published May 13, 2013"???

It’s actually still very relevant. There are more json returning webservices than ever. An updated screenshot would be appropriate and possibly updating the data in the pastebin, or pointing it to a “real” web service. This could definitely be updated, but it’s not critical.

4.12.1 screenshot: Metal Prices

Source Code: Web Services example

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In my opinion all blog articles should have the publish date on them


From my perspective ALL articles pertaining to xTuple and scripting in the QT environment are very helpful. For many other technologies it is quite easy to find articles on stack overflow and the likes regarding those technologies we don’t use on a daily basis. It is not so easy to find those sort of articles regarding xTuple. When I see posts by David or Gil it is like nuggets of great info. I wonder "How did they get that info’? I’m sure there are great internal resources within your environment there but not so much for us at a distance from your local experts. Every time I refer to the toolbox reference docs or see a “TODO” that says “need to add sample code” I always echo a resounding yes! From my perspective any info is better than no info. I know the former Xtuple University was intended to be an information source but after a rapid start it seems to have floundered a little bit.


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@szuke I am tagging @ptyler who is managing KB (formerly known as xTupleU) so he can make updates to the article you referenced in this thread - if you find others, please let him know ASAP

@jim.wirt thanks for feedback - in the past we did a mix of xTupleU articles and blog articles, which was not ideal; going forward (and we are working on catching up with past content ASAP), the xTuple.com/blog is NOT the place for product user information - that only goes into xTuple.com/knowledge AND we can now flag support tickets, if the solution happens to be something product-general that everyone could benefit from and not merely customer-specific

@PhilMcIntosh - I agree that KB articles that are version-specific should have original publication date; see my note above re: blog articles that really should be in KB. However, the modern concept of a marketing blog is to deliver evergreen content. If something is timing specific, it will be included for certain (example: 2018 Trends in XYZ)

ALL: I am not receiving notifications from Forums for some reason - and even though I’m a Super Admin, I can’t for the life of me figure out why. UGH! Please tag me @MissySchmidt in posts or responses if you need me to take action! thanks!


When you talk about support tickets we no longer know what that means, that part of the collaboration with xTuple is no longer there for bugs or support, knowledge base is now fully controlled by xTuple and I guess the “we can flag” reflect exactly that. Is going to be there a formal space for us to submit bugs or follow up something or a support request will be the official way to get anything?


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