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Advanced Item Search extension

I’ve installed the xtension package ‘Advanced Item Search’ and while the updater indicates that it installed without issue I cannot find anything different in the client at all.

I installed 3 other other xtension packages at the same time and all of these are present. Any help out there?

Because the menus layout changed in 3.6.0 the code that adds the menu item breaks. Below is the new code we use.

var searchEntryPriv = false;
var subMenu = mainwindow.findChild(“menu.prod.items”);
//Remove Menu
var menuTrig = mainwindow.findChild(“pd.listItems”);
//get privilege
var prvqry = toolbox.executeQuery("SELECT checkPrivilege(‘ViewItemMasters’) AS priv ");
searchEntryPriv = prvqry.value(“priv”);
//add New Menu
var menuAction = toolbox.menuInsertAction(subMenu, menuTrig, “Advanced Search…”, searchEntryPriv);
//open Custom Screen
function customOpen()
var childwnd2 = toolbox.openWindow(“advancedItemSearch”, 0, 0, 1);

Make sure the “Modifications allowed” is check with the system>design>packages>advsearch

Then go system>design>scripts>

…expand advsearch

edit iniMenu and paste everything between the dotted lines.

Then close xTuple and Login again for changes to take affect. There should now be a menu item under Products > Item > Advanced Search…


This fixed it. Looks like a highly useful menu. Think we’ll be using it quite a lot.


I downloaded the extensions_AdvancedSearch.gz. However, the package is empty. It only contain the package.xml file. Please help.

Please read up on how to install package files. You’ll need to use our Updater application: http://www.xtuple.org/docs/UpdaterDoc